Core Skills (City and Guilds/SQA)

In almost every aspect of our lives, people need to be able to communicate with each other, work with each other, solve problems, use information and communication technology, and have a command of numeracy. People can no longer expect to stay in the same job all their lives, nor can they expect to follow the same working patterns. Significant developments in information technology and quicker and more effective ways of communicating with people all over the world have revolutionised many workplaces. Most people now recognise that training and education continues throughout our lives as we adapt and develop new skills to meet the needs of the ever changing workplace.

The term ‘Core Skills’ covers a variety of broad skills and abilities that allow us to manage and adapt how we respond to a changing society. They are critical to the workplace, and to life and learning generally. They help us put knowledge into action in a flexible way, and they help us adapt our existing knowledge and skills to the demands of new situations.

Workplace Core Skills Units are designed for use with SVQs, within Modern Apprenticeships, or more generally in the workplace. There are 20 Units — one at each of the four levels for each of the five Core Skills. The Core Skills are:

  • Communication — using skills in reading, writing, and speaking
  • Numeracy — using numbers and graphical information
  • Information and Communication Technology — using computers and information technology
  • Problem Solving — critical thinking, analysing problems, planning, organising and completing an activity to solve a problem and reviewing and evaluating how well this problem solving activity worked in practice
  • Working with others — working co-operatively with others to reach a common goal and reviewing co-operative contribution

This framework of five Core Skills is used for all Core Skills certification in Scotland. Some awarding bodies will offer all 20 of these Units; others will offer a subset of the 20 appropriate for the context their candidates are working in.

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